Jec and Natassia | Cinematic Highlights

Jec and Natassia | Cinematic Highlights

The couple is an avid fan of Ebe Dancel. Hence, their chosen song for their video was “Wag ka ng Umiyak”. While editing this video, I would like to think that it’s the other way around. No, they didn’t choose this song. The song chose them. It’s as if every lyrics embodied their story, their struggle, their courage.

Their story is not the typical “boy meets girl” kind of story. Before falling in each other’s arms, Nat had a husband whom she lost to cancer months after they got married. And if you think that’s tragic enough, few months after her husband’s passing, she lost their newborn baby. Amidst these unfortunate events, Nat had been holding on to her faith, that all these pain would soon be worth it. And true enough, there came Jec– God’s answer to Nat’s prayer.
Jec braved the storm, calmed the ocean, so he and Nat would be able to see the sun rise again.

Their story is a testament of faith and God’s promises. And we are more than honored and happy that they chose us to film their exceptionally beautiful love story.

Coordination: Events: Simplified
Host: Arbee Panga
Photography: Fine and Dainty
Gown: Gretchen Pichay
HMUA: Make up Artistry by Nybie Ng

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