1. What is Vidlens?

Vidlens is a group of cinematographers from the Philippines offering glamorous and heartfelt wedding video services anywhere in the world.

2. What is SDE?

SDE stands for Same-Day-Edit or Onsite Video. This is an approximately 5-8 Minute video highlight of your wedding that will be played at the last part of the reception program.

3. What is a Wedding Film?

Wedding Film is an extended highlight of your wedding with a running time of approximately 15-20 minutes. Unlike SDE, this will not be played during the wedding. Delivery of the wedding film is 6-8 months after your wedding. The timeline is a bit long since it takes a lot of time to produce a 20-minute film which involves meticulous cinematic editing and scoring.

 4. What is full video documentation?

In full video documentation, we will put together our main camera’s video clips from preparation to reception. Audio will be live and all parts of the wedding will be included. this is like the traditional full-length video we normally see in our parent’s/grand parent’s wedding videos. Running time is 1-2 hours.

5. Do you provide aerial video?

Yes, we now offer aerial videography! However, the use of aerial equipment will be at the discretion of Vidlens and will depend on factors such as, but not limited to weather, location, time, space, and equipment availability. 

6. What equipment do you use?

We use High-end Sony DSLR cameras, stabilizers, Tripod/Monopod, Complete LED light set-up, Wireless Audio Device, and drone.

7. How many are you on the team?

We are 7 people in the video team including Cinematographers, and 2 Production Assistants/Driver.

8. Do we have to provide transportation allowance for out-of-town events?

We do not ask for transportation allowance for weddings or events around Manila, Tagaytay, Cavite, or nearer Batangas areas (i.e. Caleruega, Batulao). For other destinations, please contact us for details.

9. Do you cover events other than weddings?

We offer video services (Non- SDE) for events like birthdays, debuts, etc.

10. Do you also offer photography services?

No. Vidlens doesn’t offer photo services. Vidlens offers WEDDING VIDEO services only. However, we tied up with Camzar Photo so we can provide you with a complete photo video discounted package. Please check our rates tab for details.

11. Where is your office located?

We are currently home-based and we are from General Trias Cavite. We will be glad to set a  meeting and discuss things with you. Otherwise, we are always available online to answer all your queries and concern.

12. Can we get the raw footage of the event?

Definitely. Raw footage is available upon request regardless of the wedding package you avail. All you have to do is provide your own hard drive where we can save all your High Def raw footage right after the wedding.  We require an empty/blank hard drive that can be reformatted just in case our laptop (we use MacBook Pro) will not be compatible with your hard drive. Just a gentle reminder that we are deleting raw videos one month after we deliver the edited videos to our clients. And with this, we highly encourage you to get your raw footage as soon as possible for your future needs.

13. Do you provide a projector?

No, we don’t provide a projector in any of our packages. Ask your lights and sound supplier, they usually offer this service. Recommended lumens for the projector is 5,000 lumens.

14. Do you accept pencil bookings?

To avoid confusion, we do not accept pencil bookings as much as possible. We require a down payment before blocking your date.

15. What is your payment scheme?

A down payment worth Php 10,000 is required to block your date. The remaining balance should be settled on or before the wedding day/event. We accept payment thru bank deposits and meet-ups.

 16. How can we help make our wedding video beautiful?

It’s a two-way process. Tell us what you want and how you want your video to look. We are very adaptive and open-minded when it comes to ideas. It’s your video after all. If permissible, choose to have your own wedding vows. Make it beautiful and heartfelt. Rent a good, if not excellent projector. Timeline is essential, so as much as possible please hire a professional wedding coordinator.

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