Mike & Sugar | SDE

“The gentle giant and the small but terrible queen” 

Mike and Sugar
Photo: Dino Lara
Church: Nuestra Señora de Guia
Reception: Diamond Hotel

Mike and Sugar are undeniably one of our coolest and funniest couples. The video says it all – the way they would cross the busy street of Roxas Boulevard, the way they would eat their dirty ice cream, the way they giggle, the way they kiss and their natural way of telling the world that their love is bigger than any failure. It was indeed a beautiful day of celebrating love and life.

Credit also goes to Mr. Dino Lara, their official photographer. His great artistic skills and out of the box ideas also added substance to this video. It was an honor working with this very humble man.

Again, Congratulations and have a blessed married life Mike and Sugar. 🙂

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