Tope & Macon | Cinematic Highlights

Tope and Macon | Cinematic Highlights by Vidlens
Photographer: Paulo “Bingo” Pasatiempo
Venue: Balay Indang

Last week, we were all appalled by the news of the super typhoon Ruby that was reported to make land fall Friday, Dec. 5. We were asked to prepare and get ready. But how would a couple getting married on that day with an outdoor garden set-up can actually prepare for that? How stressful and crazy it could be?

Friday, December 5, we traveled almost an hour or two to reach Balay Indang. We were in awe of how cozy the place was. But most of all, we were very happy to see how sunshine has brought the extra ordinary beauty of this place. And then we saw our couple, we got to know their story, we were moved by their vows. A story that sees love beyond imperfection of the past, a story of waiting for the right time and person, a story of letting go and letting God. This is the love story of Tope and Macon. It’s a different take on our usual work. No posing or cheesy stuff, just the beautiful candid shots, details of the cozy place and the heartwarming and inspiring vows that make this video special.

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