Allan & Stacey | SDE

Nowadays, long engagement is becoming popular for soon-to-wed couples. One year for most couples, 2 years for some and some even take 3-5 years long to prepare for the biggest day of their lives.

Would you dare having a wedding with only 50 days of preparation?

Yes, this was the situation of our couple Allan and Stacey. Due to an unfortunate event, they needed to rush their wedding because of a certain Chinese tradition. With the help of their family and friends, they were able to pull off a wedding as elegant as how their SDE shows.

We never had a chance of meeting the couple before their big day or before signing of contract. It was also Allan’s sister whom we exchanged emails to regarding the agreement and wedding details. Imagine how they have trusted us and our works! Their trust was just overwhelming! 🙂

And now, we are so proud to present our very first Chinese wedding, Allan and Stacey.

Preparation: The Bayleaf Intramuros
Location: Century Seafood Restaurant

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