Edward & Kaye | SDE

♪♪ Cause all of me, Loves all of you, Love your curves and all your edges, All your perfect imperfections ♪♪

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the one of the most requested SDE songs nowadays? Every line of this song is perfect to describe a love that is crazy yet sweet, a love that knows no imperfection and love that only sees beauty. Who wouldn’t agree that this beautiful song perfectly complements this beautiful couple and their beautiful journey as lovers? As Kaye said, God really has the best timing for everything. Just as how God created this beautiful love story that is beyond perfect. And how God planned everything to make this wedding one of a kind. Wanna see something beautiful today? Watch this couple as they define beauty in this Same Day Edit video of their wedding. ♥

Edward and Kaye SDE by Vidlens

Photographer: Imagine Nation Photography
Coordinator: I Do Weddings By JSO
HMUA: Hair and Make up by Julius Marquez
Reception: Crimson Hotel

This video was featured at Merry to Marry. See the link here:

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