Lui & Ira | SDE

It’s a risk to have a wedding during the unforgiving rainy and typhoon months. You’ll never know what will happen. Lui and Ira got married last July 20, just days after Typhoon Glenda hit the Metro. It’s like the universe collide and reserved the rainbow for Lui and Ira’s big day. There were still some drizzle and occasional rain, but they still manage to pull off a perfect kind of wedding. The weather blended well with the energy of the cheering crowd, the support of their families and friends and of course their love for each other. After all, marriage is also about taking risks and embracing surprises. Because you’ll never get to your happy ending unless you try and take chances. Congratulations again Lui and Ira for a successful wedding!

Lui and Ira SDE by Vidlens

Photo: Photo Carousel Weddings
Coordinator: A & J Events
Church: Hearts of Mary and Jesus Parish Church

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